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Why I Use Vim, and Why You Should Too

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Note: This is all from a Windows viewpoint.

My programming life is mainly scripting and web development. With that said, I’m usually using Perl, Python, PHP, Javascript, and HTML/CSS.  Most people I know will download/install an IDE, and try to run everything from there. But, of course, most people I know are C++, C#, and Java developers, and that gives them an excuse to use an IDE. If you’re scripting though, you have no business using a heavy IDE. That’s where Vim comes into play.

Vim is an advanced text editor. It can be used to edit any type of file, but is used mainly to edit source code. The main advantages of Vim are:

  • It’s speed. On my PC (Celeron processor, 2GB memory) it opens on click. I also have Eclipse IDE on my PC. I takes about a minute and a half to open. On top of opening speed, when Vim and an internet browser are the only things open, Vim never freezes. Actually, I can have about 7 Vim windows open and working on my (very slow and old) PC, without slowing down at all.
  • It’sagility. Vim has an awesome split-open feature that allows several files to be open in the same window, without getting messy. You can also tab files, as you would do in an IDE.
  • Syntax highlighting and “helpers”. The reason I love Vim is that it doesn’t overwhelm you with automatically adding closing brackets when you open one. It’s also really awesome with syntax highlighting. Not too much, not too little. It also has the auto-indent that everyone loves. Vim gives you just enough to get the job done fast.
  • It has built in file searching, regular expressions, and commands.  Honestly, it’ll take a few days of heavy working to get used to Vim’s built in commands, and even then you won’t know the whole thing. For that, I’ll send you to Vim Docs.

Let’s look at a few screenshots:

Vim home

When you first open Vim on Windows, you’ll see this.

Some code on your Vim window.

So let me conclude with this… If you want a quick, light-weight, powerful text editor, Vim is the way to go! And on that note, here’s the download link.


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July 13, 2012 at 5:45 pm

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  1. althought i am a vim user, but i’d admire to that its the emacs way from the original editor war.

    what i like is just the keybinding philosophy. so i use it everywhere pentadactyl/evince/bash/etc

    the problem of vim is that the built-in vim script is not that clear that i never consider to it

    it also support other lang like perl/python/lua , but that’s wired to use it. maybe it should improve
    the vim script, i suggest to use forth instead, because i notice that the vi command execute order like
    the forth lang. both are postfix


    July 16, 2012 at 7:15 am

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